Blast and Recovery System

Blast and Recovery Systems (BRS) are designed for use when open-air blasting is prohibited, when it is not possible or is impractical. These systems blast and recover spent abrasive, contaminants and dust at the same time. They can also be used to blast and then vacuum abrasive independently. While BRS will never replace open-air blasting for all applications or jobs because of their lower overall productivity, there are those jobs that are ideally suited for these systems.

Available in different format from the Mini BRS to the BRS II, this system has proved itself in various industries.


The miniBRS™ system is a compact and easily maneuverable abrasive blaster that blasts and then recovers spent abrasive, contaminants and dust in the same step, eliminating the need for containment. Unlike other systems on the market, the miniBRS has an ergonomic design, a lightweight yet durable blast head and smaller diameter, lighter weight hoses that are sized to match the system—all to make the miniBRS exceptionally easy and comfortable to use. Operator fatigue is reduced and productivity is higher with this system.

Designed to deliver powerful performance over a range of blasting pressures in a compact package. Blast and recover at up to 200 feet away from the unit. Operates on just a 185 cfm compressor.


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  • Blast where open-air blasting is prohibited, or is not possible or practical
  • Portable or skid-mounted 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. models
  • Pneumatic or optional electric remote controls
  • Blast pressure regulator with bypass piping allows blasting at lower pressures
  • Urethane eductor (pneumatic vacuum pump) with 150, 225, 350 or 440 CFM nozzle
  • Cyclonic dust separator/media reclaimer
  • Dust collector (dry or dry-HEPA) with automatic pulse jet to prevent clogging
  • Easy, quick-open hatches for access to cartridges and filters
  • Optional differential pressure gauge (dust collector)
  • Moisture separator and media vibrator for smooth, even flow of abrasive
  • TVII abrasive metering valve (urethane sleeve or tungsten)
  • Optional adjustable air wash for improved media cleaning
  • Optional remote abrasive cutoff for cleaner start/stop , electric vacuum available
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Stationnary BRS

The stationnary BRS offers the same characteristics as the original BRS except it is skid mounted to be moved around by forklift or crane.

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  • Features Schmidt TVII and ComboValve
  • Optional High Flow Auto Air Valve for applications with large nozzles
  • Moisture separator and media vibrator ensure consistent flow of abrasive
  • Optional high efficiency secondary cyclone extends dust collector filter life
  • Four-cartridge dust collector with automatic pulse jet to minimize clogging of dust filters
  • Reclaimer features large, quick-opening door to access screen
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