Mechanical reclaim air blast rooms

Abratech has the solution for your sandblasting needs, our air blast rooms with mechanical reclaim systems are engineered to work with steel media efficiently, quickly and almost dustless. The system pays for itself by recycling the abrasive. Our rooms are manufactured in Canada, you won’t find a better quality product for the price.

Call one of our specialists to talk about your project. All rooms are custom built to suit your applications and budget.

Available Options

  • Single section floor hopper
  • ‘U’ Shaped configuration floor hoppers ( Other configurations are available)
  • Full reclaim floor
  • Work cart
  • Work cart with turn table
  • Motorised work cart
  • Abrasive cut off switch lets you clean your parts with the air blast hose
  • Pressure pots from 1.5 cu.ft. to 100 cu.ft. with multiple outlets
  • We carry all the safety equipment needed to sandblast in a safe and confortable way
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Dust collector with cartridges up to 50,000 CFM can be installed inside or outside. Extra HEPA filters available.

Bucket elevator with air wash system to send good abrasive back into the pressure pot and on the right, during installation.

A rotary screen filters out any residue that’s too large for the dust collector.

10-cubic-foot pressure vessel with 2 outlets; 30-cubic-foot pressure vessel with 3 outlets.

Floor section with endless screw and bar grating for media recuperation.

Metering plate on top of endless screw to prevent excess torque of the screw when too much abrasive is received.

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